Şimdiye Kadarki En Çok Parçalı LEGO Seti LEGO Art Dünya Haritası (31203) Duyuruldu


Kendisine niş bir kitle edinmiş olan LEGO Art teması, ilk yıl dönümünde daha farklı bir boyuta sahip ve daha özelleştirme odaklı yeni bir set ile karşımıza çıkıyor.

11.695 parçalık LEGO Art World Map (31203 Dünya Haritası), şimdiye kadar en çok parçayı içeren LEGO seti olarak bugün duyuruldu. Dünyanın tamamen beyaz parçalarla, herhangi bir siyasi ya da fiziki özellik olmadan resmedildiği bu set, LEGO parçaları ile inşa edilen raptiyeler ile özelleştirilebiliyor ve inşa deneyimini zenginleştirmek adına yine sete özel bir soundtrack ile geliyor.


1 Haziran’da piyasaya sürülecek (ülkemize de bu tarihe uygun olarak gelmesini bekliyoruz) ve tahmini Türkiye fiyatı 2599,90 TL (İkinci yarı yıl dönemine geldiği için tabii fiyatta değişiklikler olabilir, ama umarız olmaz), Amerika fiyatı $249,99 ve Avrupa fiyatı €249,99 olacak 11.695 parçalık bu setin resmi ürün görsellerini ve orijinal basın açıklamasını aşağıda bulabilirsiniz:


31203 LEGO Art World Map Basın Bülteni

Travel put firmly back on the map with huge new LEGO® Art set

Wanderlusters prepare to be enthralled by the magic of a different sort of map – the new LEGO® Art World Map. This new addition to the LEGO Art collection contains the most pieces ever included in a set in the LEGO Group’s history, with its 11,695 elements allowing builders to immerse themselves in creating a stunning representation of the earth from 2D LEGO tiles.

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The new LEGO Art World Map can be reimagined in a number of different ways to express the personality and travel memories or wishes of different builders. Customisable brick-built pins can be placed to mark out destinations already visited or highlight those still on the builder’s bucket list to give this masterpiece a personal twist before it’s proudly displayed.

The set’s building instructions show how the 40 interconnecting base plates are divided into three sections for the build that can be arranged in one of three different ways, allowing you to place your favourite part of the world in the centre of your map.

The oceans on this 25.5 in. (65cm) high and 40.5 in. (104 cm) wide masterpiece can also be tailored to be a true expression of each builder’s style: the tiles can be arranged in a manner inspired by bathymetric mapping of the ocean floor by following the building instructions, or builders can express themselves more freely and creatively by arranging the tiles as they wish and exploring different patterns and motifs instead.

The new LEGO Art set offers adults and their families a challenging and immersive building experience to help them relax and recharge as they reminisce about holiday memories of the past or start planning future excursions. An accompanying soundtrack featuring stories from travel experts has been curated to immerse listeners in their passion for exploration as they build. The soundtrack features travellers’ tales from bloggers and adventurers including Torbjørn C. Pedersen, the first person to visit every country in the world in one unbroken journey without flying, and blogger Syazwani Baumgartner who has experienced some of the most remote places on the planet.

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The new set comes with a coffee-table style instruction booklet, a white brick-built frame and two hanging elements to make the map easy to display, take down and rebuild whenever the mood strikes.

Fiorella Groves, Creative Lead for LEGO Art, commented: “We know that our adult fans love to travel, but many haven’t been able to do so for over a year now. We thought that there was no better way of helping explore the world while relaxing in the comfort of their home than by allowing them to build, rebuild, plan and reminisce through building. We hope the LEGO Art World Map will inspire new adventures in some, and help others relive and celebrate wonderful travel memories from the past.”