LEGO TECHNIC BMW M 1000 RR (42130) Duyuruldu


LEGO Technic’in 42115 gibi büyük modelleri, aslının detaylı bir replikası olarak öne çıkarken, kendi içerisinde de bir alt tema olma yolunda ilerliyor. Bu yıl ise “süper arabalar”a ek olarak “süper motosiklet” olan 42130 BMW M 1000 RR duyuruldu.

1:5 ölçeğindeki bu büyük model, LEGO Technic setlerinde yeni bir alt tema olmaya aday olarak karşımıza çıkıyor. İki farklı sergileme seçeneğine sahip model, standsız olarak 7 cm yüksekliğinde, 45,5 cm uzunluğunda ve 17 cm genişliğinde.

1 Ocak’ta piyasaya sürülecek ve Amerika fiyatı $229,99 ve Avrupa fiyatı €179,99 olacak 1.920 parçalık bu setin görsellerini ve orijinal basın açıklamasını aşağıda bulabilirsiniz:



LEGO TECHNIC BMW M 1000 RR (42130) Basın Bülteni

Born on the Racetrack: Build at Home

The LEGO Group reveals the LEGO® Technic™ BMW M 1000 RR

9.12.21: LEGO® Technic™ has unleashed the ultimate street and track champion motorbike, with the reveal of the LEGO Technic BMW M 1000 RR set.  This incredibly detailed 1:5 scale set is a faithful replica of the supremely fast, technologically advanced BMW M 1000 RR motorbike.

The set is the latest in a partnership between LEGO Technic and BMW Motorrad and gives fans the opportunity to own the first ever BMW ‘M’ bike, a coveted badge that’s steeped with heritage and synonymous with motorsport, engineering excellence and attention to detail.

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The LEGO Technic BMW M 1000 RR has several key features recreated in brick, making it technically accurate but also aesthetically stunning. These include a new and fully functional three-speed gearbox, front and rear suspension, front steering, a gold chain, three different screen dashboard options and a printed windshield. Designed for pure enjoyment, the set also comes with a racing stand and display plate.

The accuracy doesn’t stop at the design details. The 1,920 piece immersive build has been designed to follow that of the real product, giving fans a glimpse of BMW’s own production processes.

Samuel Tacchi, designer at the LEGO Group commented: “It’s been so much fun getting underneath the skin of such a significant model for BMW Motorrad. There’s a reason why these beautifully engineered bikes are so universally loved by the biking community, and we are confident our LEGO Technic version is a winner like its real-life namesake.

“The set has a truly authentic design, features functional yet intricate working parts, provides a challenging build and is visually stunning.  It’s also the largest ever LEGO Technic bike set and we know the building experience will be just as addictive as the adrenaline rush from taking the real thing out on the track.”

Ralf Rodepeter, Head of Brand and Product at BMW Motorrad commented: “When BMW Motorrad’s management announced the first-ever M-developed motorcycle, the BMW M 1000 RR, everyone knew that the result was going to be something special. In the same way, the LEGO Technic team realised it would take something never-seen-before to pay true tribute to the M RR. The result is both a motorbike and a Technic model that are state-of-the-art within their respective fields.”